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Premium White Pro has designed an innovative and easy to use pen-like applicator that you put on after brushing your teeth with the result of noticeably whiter teeth in only days! And for a limited time, you can try out Premium White Pro for just $1.95! If you do not use this Exclusive Coupon then you will have to pay $6.95!

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Teeth whitening toothpaste has become very popular lately but they all have a fundamental problem: they only remove surface stains that have built up on your teeth! Premium White Pro uses an advanced oxidizing solution that penetrates the enamel and dentin layers and removes the stains that are normally inaccessible to brushing. This stain removal process is repeated until you reach the exact shade of white that you desire. You are in complete control!

Premium White Pro has just gone through an intensive 14 Day Clinical Trial against three Professional dental teeth whitening sessions. The result of that study showed that 84% of the people preferred using Premium White Pro due to how Quick and Easy it was to get Whiter Teeth.

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    Whiter Teeth within Days
    Easy to use Pen-like Applicator
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    Great Tasting Solution
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Premium White Pro